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Don't know what your clients think of you?

You get:

  • More satisfied customers
  • Video review
  • Accurate picture of your customer
  • Work with negative/neutral and complaints
  • Contact information of your brand advocates

What is this for?

Collect your users' opinions about you: that is the most value knowledge, which can improve the service and increase sales!

Live feedback will simplify key decision making. Regardless if it is your product or service - your clients will always give you the best advice. They will say if something is wrong and will congratulate you if you are doing great! You may be seriously surprised to hear what they have to say. 

With our automatic survey you will see what the customers are attracted and irritated by, in order to correct the shortcomings and highlight advantages.

This is one of the most simple and effective moves!

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Value in numbers

How does this work?

    1. Active or warm clients are offered a motivation, in form of a promo-card or a discount for their opinion about your store: 

      • as a widget on your site
      • as a post on social networks
      • as part of an email blast
    2. Clients rate you on a 10 point scale and can leave a text or video feedback and attach their photo and social networks profile.

    3. You are notified about the ratings and feedback through email and BitRewards Personal cabinet and can select which you want to use on your site.

How to use this?

  1. For more accurate identification of target audience.

    Ask specific questions of your clients, in order to get an accurate portrait of them. Often, what we think of our clients and their motivators are radically different from the reality. Rarely does this help the business. As the saying goes, "Forewarned is forearmed" :)

  2. To understand product nomenclature, price development and user experience.

    A slight adjustment to the price or change to the interface can help you significantly increase your revenue by increasing conversion and having happy, and thus more loyal customers.

  3. To identify your brand advocates.

    Your clients can be of great service to you, if you know how to communicate with them. Going by what they actually write about you, find those who can support your campaign, try your new product and give you feedback or notify you of errors. It is a highly valuable resource, which cannot be bought!

  4. For work with negatives.

    It is so unpleasant to read negativity about yourself :(
    Yet so useful :)
    It is far worse, if your clients are sharing about your failures, perceived or real, to their friends. 
    It is one of the best tactics: if the negative feedback is unjust - your client needs to express themselves and often you will be able to redirect them to a positive trek. If the negative feedback is just - you can compare the longterm losses from it and compare them to the cost of fixing the situation. It is an unbelievably useful knowledge for decision making.

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Why choose us

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    • How do you determine whom to show the survey?

      We display the survey only to the warm and "activated" clients: i.e. that are not on your site for the first time, that are interested in some product, or whose behavior on the site displays practical interest. It is done in order not to irritate all of the users, but receive feedback only from your target audience. 

      See specific display trigger settings here.

    • Will I receive any data in the process of using BitRewards tools? 

      Of course! With us you'll expand the knowledge of your customers and their leanings!

      We make all of the information regarding BitRewards tools and customers' behavior history automatically available in an easy to use format. Also, BitRewards gives the ability to monitor Google Analytics data straight from personal cabinet. You will not need to separately setup the system to be able to analyze the effectiveness of your BitRewards tools. 
      Google Analytics gives the ability to track the number of visits and track real time trends. Every gift or promo card sent by your customers using any of our tools is tracked in a comprehensive database accessible in your personal cabinet. You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of BitRewards tools and marketing channels used to disseminate the cards and tweak them further using that information. All of the Google Analytics data about your electronic gift or promo cards is collected in a centralized location.

Analytical report

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Survey widget
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