Referral Tool

Attract new audience from the social networks!

You will get:

  • Social media posts linking to your site
  • Attract new customers — friends of your existing customers
  • Significantly increased brand visibility
  • Your existing customer recommendations to their friends

What is this for?

Your customers really love your products or services, but have they been sharing about you with their friends?
There are hundreds and thousands of people just like them. You want your customers to be able to easily share about your product and refer them to your store. 
Right now, they don't have an easy way to do that.

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The benefits in numbers

How does it work?

    1. In 2 CLICKS your customer recommends your store to their friends
      They see a special widget, which allows to publish your gift card on social networks. 

      Special widget

    2. For doing so, they get a discount

      This discount or promo code they are able to use now or later

    3. After clicking on the link, their friend also gets a discount.

      their friends see a post with your brand on a social network — typically equals hundreds of views of each post.
      After clicking the link, they are taken to your website and see the details of the offer.

      При нажатии на ссылку, они переходят на ваш сайт, и видят детали предложения.

How to use?

  1. Ask the customer to share with their friends after the purchase.

    The customer completed the purchase: you are not going to distract him with an additional request, it is a perfect time to offer him a discount on his next purchase by sharing the same discount with their friends.
    BitRewards allows to do this automatically.

  2. BitRewards makes the reference link visible to all site visitors.

    In the header menu, footnote, or in form of a "flag" button (attached at the bottom or a side of each page) with a comment (e.g. "Earn $10 Now") you will be able to motivate your users to share about your site or specific product on social networks.

  3. Include reference link within customer communication.

    Increase the effectiveness of your email blast by increasing the chance that your customer's friends will use your offer.
    Your BitRewards personal cabinet contains such link with the ability to add campaign specific tags to it.

  4. Create a social networks request to join your group.

    As a reward, offer a discount in form of a special offer. 

  5. Мы скоро свяжемся с вами.
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    • Мы скоро свяжемся с вами.

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Why choose us

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    • Will the Referral tool work for my business?

      Most of the B2C companies (e.g. Uber, DropBox, Taxi, etc) in one form or another use Referral tools. If you are in charge of marketing but have yet to launch Referral functionality, shame on you!

      If you clients are buying your goods or services, they are ready to recommend your business to their friends! Why not give them an easy to use format to be able to do it quickly and in style, increasing x10 their friend invites. Your typical customer will have around 150 friends in Facebook and many of them will see their post. Statistically, these friends will have a very high (up to 80%) similarity of socio-demographic and behavioral factors, thus you organically increase coverage of your target audience.

    • How difficult is it to launch such a customer recommendation program? What is needed from me?

      We continuously stress how easy it is to launch, yet we continue to hear this same question :)


      BitRewards is made in a way to be easily accessible to everyone. We have a very simple integration process. We have setup presets for most common CRM systems and a simplified installation system for the rest.

      Your store and/or service description and a few visual elements is all that is needed from you. (see «Integration» section in your personal cabinet)
      Any technical difficulty will be solved by us :)

    • How is the relationship and financial obligations between our company and BitRewards are made official?

      An agreement between you and BitRewards needs to be signed before BitRewards services can be used. We have a standard form that practically covers all typical aspects of interactions.

      Request standard agreement →
    • Am I able to transfer customer contact information collected with BitRewards into my CRM?

      Yes — most definitely! First of all, at any time, you are able to download the contact information list from personal cabinet (multiple formats available). Second, you will receive this data from in a monthly activity report. Third, we are able to integrate BitRewards with your CRM, to have this data automatically uploaded.

    • We already offer discounts. How will these tools work in conjunction with our current offers?

      Not a problem! There are a couple of ways to go about this. Either we connect your current offers or discounts to BitRewards tools, or we can offer you to setup gift card parameters to cover your existings needs and attracted additional customers.

    • What is the customization capability?

      BitRewards is extremely flexible :)

      We are able to quickly and easily change the logic behind discount offers and showings, as well as the look of gift and promo cards and all support elements.

      Our solutions are installed on the websites of very attentive and picky with design clients and appear as an organic part of their website.

    • Will I receive any data in the process of using BitRewards tools? 

      Of course! With us you'll expand the knowledge of your customers and their leanings!


      We make all of the information regarding BitRewards tools and customers' behavior history automatically available in an easy to use format. Also, BitRewards gives the ability to monitor Google Analytics data straight from personal cabinet. You will not need to separately setup the system to be able to analyze the effectiveness of your BitRewards tools. 
      Google Analytics gives the ability to track the number of visits and track real time trends. Every gift or promo card sent by your customers using any of our tools is tracked in a comprehensive database accessible in your personal cabinet. 
      You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of BitRewards tools and marketing channels used to disseminate the cards and tweak them further using that information. All of the Google Analytics data about your electronic gift or promo cards is collected in a centralized location.




    • Who is BitRewards designed for?

      BitRewards is perfect for:

      1. Starting internet store
      2. Small and Medium sized business, medium size internet store with a stagnant number of orders, large stores exploring service options
      3. Agencies specializing in client site conversion increase, large internet stores

Analytical report

Referral tool / widget
Referral tool / widget
Referral tool / widget