Motivational widget

Return potential customers by offering a reward

You get:

  • More completed sales
  • Increase of an average order value
  • Return potential customers that left
  • User contact information
  • Increase Loyalty

What is it for?

Visitor's attention deficit is normal A typical traffic conversion for internet stores is ~2-3%. These numbers can and should be increased otherwise you are just giving away money to your competitors. A conversion increase of 1% for a typical online store would mean a 50% increase in sales. 

Many stores do not like popups. We agree with them! It is very difficult to create a well made tool.

That is why we released an impecable quality product consisting of multiple elements and algorithms, which we call «Motivational Widget». It reflects your site's and customers' uniqueness, but more importantly, it valuates your potential customers and offers them discounts depending on your business needs.

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Value in numbers

How does it work?

    1. Potential customer is offered a bonus or a discount
      The discount amount is dependent on the product in customer's shopping cart and display time algorithm is selected automatically.

    2. The discount is active for a limited period of time
      The customer uses the discount right away during the checkout and is able to see the offer details right on your site. 

    3. The discount is used in 1 click without collecting customer's contact information
      If the potential customer wants to «take the discount with them» to be used later, they leave their contact information and will receive a few reminder emails with the list of selected product(s) from their cart or other product of potential interest to them.
      Email example

    1. Potential customer is offered a bonus or a discount
      The discount amount is dependent on the product in customer's shopping cart and display time algorythm is selected automatically.

    2. The discount is active for a limited period of time
      The customer uses the discount right away during the checkout and is able to see the offer details right on your site. 
      See all offer details

    3. The widget collects contact information of the potential customer.
      Potential customer receives a few emails with a personalized discount for the product from their cart or that they viewed.

How to use this?

  1. Setup the «warm» and «hot» customer customizations.

    Not for all, but only for those that are about to leave with a high degree of probability. Often a potential customer just gets distracted, but this distraction can cost you an order. A small instant discount will motivate a customer to complete the order without delay. BitRewards automatically determines the best scenarios.

  2. Setup the minimum purchase amount 20% higher than your average order.

    This works as a «cart protector» — the customers will not buy less than the minimum amount set for the discount. Your average order value increases in the process.

  3. Include your bestsellers with the discount offer emails.

    Motivational widget automatically sends potential customers an email with a discount for the inventory in their cart or for the product they were interested in. Use this to include gift cards in this email, which a customer might buy if they are looking for a present.

  4. Collect information for email blasts.

    Use collected data for your email blasts or for Triggered BitRewards emails. 
    Reinforced with our Triggered emails, this tool will increase conversion by returning your «almost customers».

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Why choose us

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    • Why should I offer a discount? I do not want to lower the value of my product!

      54% of customers will buy the inventory in their cart if they are offered a discount (link to the study).

      We are not saying that discounts should always be offered, but it is a serious argument in favor of transaction completion. Using BitRewards you are able to give gift cards, which in essence are discounts which are issued for specific action(s) (e.g. share, purchase, invite). Thus the customer understands that they are not getting a discount for nothing, but must earn it. It is an easy to understand concept that does not devalue you in the customers' eyes, but does help motivate sales with discounts.

    • I do not like the pop-ups. In my opinion, they only irritate users. Does my site need them? 

      We agree that in many cases pop-ups only harm. At the same time, based on the years of testing and measuring, we know for certain that well made tools do work to increase conversion rates.

      The use of just any tool is typical for «new» stores and services that are yet to find out what it is they want to get by implementing this or that solution. They often do not fully understand user experience and metrics that need to be collected in order to understand of the tool works or not.

      Our solutions are very attractive and always appear as a part of your site. We also automatically setup algorithms and system parameters that work especially for your store, provide testing of dozens of different parameters to ensure that our loyalty and conversion rate increase tools are working with certainty and achieve optimal results specifically on your website.


    • Free gift cards? In business only cheese in the mouse trap is free. I do not want to give away millions in gifts!

      Fair enough!
      That is exactly why BitRewards is needed. Giving away 100 thousand $10 gift cards does not mean you gave away a million $. On the contrary, at that point you didn't spend a dime. $10 is a discount, which your client will receive only if they make a purchase.

      Free cards mean for you a tool to attract potentially loyal customers. Marketers on social networks work day and night to make commercial messages gain the properties of personal or informational. By sending a gift card to their friend, a customer personally delivers the marketing message about your brand, which retains Referral properties and generally has a much better reception than advertisements from any other external source. In addition, the delivery of the gift happens in form of a post on a social network page of both the sender and/or the recepient, thus their friends will also have an impression of your brand - typically 200-300 potential customer views per 1 gift card (unless email or SMS gift delivery method is used).

      If you are counting your marketing expenses, you always understand how much you've spent per customer that made a purchase. If the free gift card is less than that amount, it is saving you money! In fact, unlike the cases with coupons, which may decrease the value of the brand in the customer's eyes and typically only reach your target audience, in the case with gift cards the customer purchases your product or service for the full amount, while paying for part of the purchase with an exclusive gift received from a friend.

    • How do you determine what offer to make to what potential customer?

      The discount calculation, as well as the order value required to use it, happens online in accordance with the formulas which are calculated specifically for your store. We offer experience based default values, however as data aggregates we can suggest changes. Of course, you can always make the changes in the discount offer logic as necessary.

      Please take a look at the relative value table for Discount/Current Cart Value/Min. Order for «up-sell» and «cart protector» cases.

    • What is the difference between this tool and Maxi-Cart widget? 

      These two tools compliment eachother well.

      Motivational, for the most part, is used for cart protection and sale completion stimulation. Maxi-Cart is meant to sell more. 

      They are also visually different and engage the customer at different times, increasing the number of «touches».

      For example, «Motivational» appears while potential customer attempts to exist the website and does not offer to increase the order amount, rather stimulates the purchase completion. "Maxi-Cart" appears when the customer pressed the buy button for any product and depending on the value of this product or the entire shopping cart they are offered a discount if they increase the order value. 

    • We already offer discounts. How will these tools work in conjunction with our current offers?

      Not a problem! There are a couple of ways to go about this. Either we connect your current offers or discounts to BitRewards tools, or we can offer you to setup gift card parameters to cover your existings needs and attracted additional customers.

    • What is the customization capability?

      BitRewards is extremely flexible :)

      We are able to quickly and easily change the logic behind discount offers and showings, as well as the look of gift and promo cards and all support elements.

      Our solutions are installed on the websites of very attentive and picky with design clients and appear as an organic part of their website.

    • Will I receive any data in the process of using BitRewards tools? 

      Of course! With us you'll expand the knowledge of your customers and their leanings!

      We make all of the information regarding BitRewards tools and customers' behavior history automatically available in an easy to use format. Also, BitRewards gives the ability to monitor Google Analytics data straight from personal cabinet. You will not need to separately setup the system to be able to analyze the effectiveness of your BitRewards tools. Google Analytics gives the ability to track the number of visits and track real time trends. 
      Every gift or promo card sent by your customers using any of our tools is tracked in a comprehensive database accessible in your personal cabinet. You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of BitRewards tools and marketing channels used to dessiminate the cards and tweak them further using that information. All of the Google Analytics data about your electronic gift or promo cards is collected in a centralized location.

Analytical report

Smart Motivation Tool/ Widget
Smart Motivation Tool/ Widget
Smart Motivation Tool/ Widget