«Maxi-Cart» tool

An elegant way to sell more to «warm» clients

You will get:

  • Increase the average sale value
  • Fewer abandoned carts
  • Smart upsell algorithms

What is it for?

Are you certain that your average sale is in fact the amount your customers are ready to spend in your store?

You pay significant amount of money to attract potential customers to your site. Many cliently will gladly spend more if they are given a discount for increasing the purchase total.

Thus you increase the average sale value and profit per customer.

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Value in numbers

How does this work?

    1. The customer sees a small banner, which appears when the customer adds their first item to the cart, or when a certain value is reached in the cart.
      By default the banner is shown for only 30 seconds.
      If the customer closed it or did not use the offer, we will not show him the discount for the next 30 days (we don't want to devalue your offers).

    2. The size of the offered discount is automatically calculated, based on the value of the product added to the cart first.
      The system does not give discounts where it is not necessary and is setup to generate a relevant offer and increase the receipt of every customer.

    3. The discount is active for a short period of time — only a few minutes, which motivates the customer to make the purchase decision right away. Loyalty of the customer with a discount is also higher — the likelyhood to complete the transaction increases. Fewer abandoned carts!

How to use this?

  1. Setup offer display trigger.

    For example, click «Add to cart», click on 5th item, after cart value reaches a certain amount. We will offer optimal for you recommendations.

  2. Vary the sale value increase formula.

    We will test formulas until we reach an optimal profit result (current cart value - discount - target cart value) for each user. BitRewards offers you this settings automatically, achieving greater results.

  3. Setup a timer.

    Determine the low traffic or conversions time of day and setup a timer to turn the offers on just for that period of time.

  4. Use in combination.

    Blend this tool with Motivational widget, which protects the shopping cart. Together these 2 tools achieve truely tremendous results!

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    • What is the difference between this tool and the Motivational tool?

      These two tools complement each other well.

      Motivational, is mainly used for cart protection and stimulation of order completion. 

      Maxi-cart is designed to upsell. Plus, they each have a distinct appearance and are displayed at different times, which increases the number of interactions with the customer.

      For example, Maxi-cart appears when the customer clicks on "Buy" button on any of the products, and depending on the value of this product or the shopping cart as a whole, they are offered to increase the order amount and receive a further discount on the cart. Motivational tool appears when the customer attempts to leave the site and does not offer to increase the total value of the order, but rather stimulates the customer to complete the purchase.

    • How do you determine what offer to make to what potential customer?

      The discount calculation, as well as the order value required to use it, happens online in accordance with the formulas which are calculated specifically for your store. We offer experience based default values, however as data aggregates we can suggest changes. Of course, you can always make the changes in the discount offer logic as necessary.

      Please take a look at the relative value table for Discount/Current Cart Value/Min. Order for «up-sell» and «cart protector» cases.

    • We already offer discounts. How will these tools work in conjunction with our current offers?

      Not a problem! There are a couple of ways to go about this. Either we connect your current offers or discounts to BitRewards tools, or we can offer you to setup gift card parameters to cover your existence needs and attracted additional customers.

    • Why use BitRewards if we can develop our own solution?

      Development of your own solution for gift cards and referral program is an extremely interesting task … if you have the time. However, to constantly keep up to date and functional such a complex service is not. Development and support is best done by an outside provider. If you do decide to develop such a solution on your own, here are a few advices: Gift cards ought to be customizable nearly on the fly – the customer should be able to in no time change the design, amount, widget settings and presentation logic without you having to dedicate internal resources to this. Gift cards ought to begin with a minimal value and the giver should be able to enter any amount and personalize their gift. Keep in mind all of the communication channels and create appealing transaction mail templates. It is necessary to setup trigger system: send, receive, use, reminder, etc. To have the ability to increase effectiveness, collect statistics online and conduct A/B testing on all of the variables. Resulting conversion increase can be many times the starting values. Have your solution show up in many online “habitats”: on the website, social networks and smartphones. It is a known, yet very key problem: UX. The sender ought to be able to send a gift card in as few clicks as possible. For the recipient it ought to be clear what it is they received and how to use it. If your team does not include a competent service architect, hire a user interface designer. It will be your best investment. Look for “advocates” – the most valuable people, leading maximum number of new clients and invent new motivation for them. Track and stop any abuses or scams. Gift Cards – just like cash. The service ought to be secured and protected against hacking and freeloaders. 

Analytical report

Maxi­Cart Tool
Maxi­Cart Tool
Maxi­Cart Tool