Invite tool

The best assistant for your SMM-strategy!

You will get:

  • Increase the number of followers in VK or Facebook
  • Increase social networks traffic to your website
  • Social activity of your customers and their friends

What is it for?

It all comes down to attention, specifically – the lack of it.

Advanced internet users are part of 80 groups on social networks and this number does not increase.

Invite tool sets you appart and helps you increase the number of followers, filling up your sales funnel with your target audience.

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Value in numbers

How does it work?

    1. The visitor sees a free gift card offer for following you from your website or your social network page.

    2. After following and repost, the user automatically gets a gift card.

    3. By clicking on the link on the card, the user is able to redeem it online or in your retail store.

How to use this?

  1. Increase the number of group members.

    With great flexibility you are able to setup, turn on and off short and long term campaigns in your personal cabinet. It is extremely simple with our technology, instructions and support.

  2. Include the link in all of your communication.

    In email or SMS, as a short link or QR code in your retail locations.

  3. Launch «viral» scenarios.

    Setup BitRewards tool in social networks, which simultaneously adds a user as a follower and sends to their social network feed a motivational discount, which in turn can be used by their friends to also follow you and receive a discount.

  4. For campaigns, drawings and contests.

    Use serial code of your issued gift cards as the numbers for the drawing participants. Come up with tasks and rewards for your card recipients. Each promo card has a unique number, that can be used in hundreds of different campaign and drawings. The winners can be rewarded with gift cards, sent over social networks, which further increases «virality» of your campaign. With BitRewards, such scenarios are easy to realize and can be run as often as you'd like.

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Why choose us

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    • How is this tool different from all the social networks buttons that everyone already has?

      First, display algorithms of this tool can be adjusted - you can be proactive in your requests to follow / join your group. Such active requests are far more effective 

      Second, you offer a reward for the action. Discount or bonus - a very effective way to increase convesion. 

      The result, the number of group joins and/or follows is increased dramatically.

    • Am I able to make a personal gift from my company to one of the social network users? For example, wish a Happy Birthday to a active or loyal customer? 

      Yes. To do this, in your «Cards» section go to «Gift through social network». You can only gift from a specific social network user (your company account), thus it is necessary to «Link an account» first. After an account you want to use as «From» is linked, all that is left to do is select the gift card and the recipient in a social network.

Analytical report

Card for the social networks
Card for the social networks
Card for the social networks