Contact collector tool

Get to know your customers better and increase conversion!

You get:

  • Visitor contact information
  • Client discount reminders
  • Increase in conversions
  • E-mail blast service sync

What is it for?

Remember: an average number of contacts with a potential client prior to their purchase is aproximately 9.


The first step is to get to know your clients. If you don't have their contact information, you don't have a chance to continue the relationship. Most of the users don't mind sharing their contact info and sign up to your mailing list.
After all, something caught their interest and they did come to your site. A small discount can become a excellent motivator!

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Value in numbers

How does it work?

    1. This is a variation of a Motivational Tool. You offer a discount for a user's name and an email or a phone number.

    2. It is displayed after the events which allow us to qualify the user as «warm».

    3. Discount reminder will be sent to the user automatically, plus all of the info will be available for export to your CRM.

How to use this?

  1. For repeat purchases.

    Through BitRewards you get a view the behavior of clients that left their contact info. If they make a purchase using the discount they received for submitting their contact information, we can automatically make a similar offer after a period of time. If they did not complete the purchase, the offer can continue to be upgrade until either the customer makes a purchase or the nominal profit limit is reached.

  2. Connect to triggered mailings.

    A visitor that left their contact information on your site already demonstrated a certain level of loyalty. Triggered mailings ought to increase the loyalty level up to the point of purchase and beyond.

  3. Request feedback from the clients you know.

    You can always use your client list for your marketing needs. One of the most important tools - your current customer recommendations. Send a BitRewards referral link and increase the number of your customer recommendations to their friends.

  4. Enrich!

    Enrich your CRM with new info and this info will turn into profit, since all the subsequent contacts with your loyal customers allow you to monetize up to 50% of your email blast list.

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Why choose us

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    • Am I able to transfer customer contact information collected with BitRewards into my CRM?

      Yes — most definitely! First of all, at any time, you are able to download the contact information list from personal cabinet (multiple formats available). Second, you will receive this data from in a monthly activity report. Third, we are able to integrate BitRewards with your CRM, to have this data automatically uploaded.

    • How do you determine what offer to make to what potential customer?

      The discount calculation, as well as the order value required to use it, happens online in accordance with the formulas which are calculated specifically for your store. We offer experience based default values, however as data aggregates we can suggest changes. Of course, you can always make the changes in the discount offer logic as necessary.

      Please take a look at the relative value table for Discount/Current Cart Value/Min. Order for «up-sell» and «cart protector» cases.

    • Will I receive any data in the process of using BitRewards tools? 

      Of course! With us you'll expand the knowledge of your customers and their leanings!

      We make all of the information regarding BitRewards tools and customers' behavior history automatically available in an easy to use format. Also, BitRewards gives the ability to monitor Google Analytics data straight from personal cabinet. You will not need to separately setup the system to be able to analyze the effectiveness of your BitRewards tools. Google Analytics gives the ability to track the number of visits and track real time trends.

      Every gift or promo card sent by your customers using any of our tools is tracked in a comprehensive database accessible in your personal cabinet. You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of BitRewards tools and marketing channels used to disseminate the cards and tweak them further using that information. All of the Google Analytics data about your electronic gift or promo cards is collected in a centralized location.




Analytical report

Contact Collector Tool/ Widget
Contact Collector Tool/ Widget
Contact Collector Tool/ Widget