Site feedback

How do your clients know you can be trusted?

You get:

  • Feedback from happy customers
  • Conversion increase
  • Effective work with contradictions
  • Content for social networks
  • Video review 

What is this for?

Clients never buy unfamiliar products, from unfamiliar places. It is amazing how few stores use live customer feedback as a premier spot on their sites!

Most markteres consider customer feedback and case studies to be the most effective tools for content marketing.

Your customers' feedback make your brand more attractive. New clients associate themselves with like, happy customers, which have already used your product or service and become emotionally closer to you.

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Value in numbers

How does this work?

    1. Active or warm clients are offered a motivation, in form of a promo card or a discount, for a feedback about your store: 

      • in form of a widget on your site
      • in form of a post on social media
      • in email blast
    2. Clients grade you using 10 point system and can leave text or video feedback and attach their photo or social network profile.

    3. In your Personal cabinet, you select the feedback you want to display on your site and they appear there automatically.

How can I use this?

  1. To underscore product properties or uniqueness of your offer.

    Prior to the purchase, the customers pay very high attention to the feedback. "Live" clients feedback is 7x more effective than the information the brand presents about itself. 
    Also, you get excellent material for your mailings.

  2. To attract like audience.

    Leave the feedback from the target audience you consider optimal. New target clients will see the feedback from customers like them and will trust you more.

  3. To test new products and services.

    We identify the most loyal clients and advocates of your brand - they can be used to test new products and services. They are a few times more likely to try a new product and share their experience with you and other clients.

  4. Проверенные покупатели.

    Мы уделяем особое внимание проверке клиентов, чтобы их отзывы были настоящими и представляли ценность для ваших новых клиентов и разработали специальную технологию для мотивации только проверенных покупателей.

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    • Мы скоро свяжемся с вами.

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Why choose us

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    • Am I able to choose which feedback to display?

      Yes, of course! According to some estimates, correctly used feedback and increase conversion a few times. For each page there could be its own type of feedback, which instills confidence into your clients,. Customers' words can be used to describe product quality or can tell about your brand and service as a whole.

    • How do you determine whom to show the survey?

      We display the survey only to the warm and "activated" clients: i.e. that are not on your site for the first time, that are interested in some product, or whose behavior on the site displays practical interest. It is done in order not to irritate all of the users, but receive feedback only from your target audience. 

      See specific display trigger settings here.