Electronic gift cards

New popular service and more sales

You will get:

  • The most convenient interface on the market
  • Additional sales from the website and social networks
  • Ability for the customers to pitch in (group gift)
  • Irreplaceable tool for campaigns and contests
  • No need to issue plastic cards

What is it for?

In 2016 we finally saw a spike in the sale of e-gift cards for our clients! The customers got a taste of the convenience of instant gifting, while right on the website's store. 

We expect this trend to continue, since 10% of all purchases are made as gifts (which are often made last minute).

Convert potential customer that are already on your website looking for a present and are on a tight time-frame.

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Value in numbers

How does this work?

    1. Convenient selection and sending.

      After selecting an e-gift card and its recepient, the sender pays (using bank card online). The delivery happens quickly and securely over Facebook, email, or SMS.
      It is also possible to print out the gift in form of a post card and present it in person.

    2. The gift card will instantly be delivered to the recepient at the designated date and time!
      Now it will always be available to them via the link in the notification sent by the sender, as well as on your website and on social networks addon with your gift cards. 

    3. The recepient is able to use the gift card in retail and online stores. 

      In an online store the card code is given at the moment of purchase [the link shows the details of the offer - example of a top bar]. In a retail store it is necessary to show the unique number or QR-code for the card on the phone or as a print out.  

How to use this?

  1. Addons and widgets for selling paid gift cards on your website

    Ability to sell paid gift cards on the website: Either from the special section in the menu or in the «Gift Cards» footer, or with a side banner, which is always visible to the visitor (no coding is required from you), or with a conditional pop-up widget.
    Holidays and days around the holidays: Visitors are redirected to your «Gifts» section (if you have one). Any other trigger for your specific needs.

      • Client registration into the Loyalty program. You get the contact information and a closer relationship with your client 

      • Purchases. Cashback - such a straight forward and pleasant thing! You decide what percentage of the purchase price you return to your client for their purchase or purchases of their friends that they invited.

      • Friend invites on social media. Your customer can share about your product and services with their friends and acquaintances on social media. Since their friends' profile is about an 80% match of their profile, their friends is also your target audience.

      • Partnership programm. Your customers can get points both for inviting, as well as the purchases made by their invitees. Multilevel marketing, more often than not, works great for sales - it just needs to be convenient and straight forward.

      • Birthdays. Personal attention on that day is most appreciated. Gift points and congratulate each customer on their birthday - they will remember and recognize your business, and thus purchase more from you!
  2. Corporate greetings

    Work gifting is now a quick and convenient process - just load your email list, enter a greeting, and select the gift card image.
    Send - that's it!

  3. Gift card creation during holidays is much easier and quicker for your customers compared to the trip to the store. Additionally, purchase returns can be processed as an equivalent to the original, your branded card.

  4. For SMM-strategy: give away prizes in contests in form of very attractive, branded gift card posts. The post will be seen by all of the winner's friends, all the while increasing your brand recognition.

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