Pitch in for a gift

Croud funding of gifts on your website

You will get:

  • Sale of higher value products and services
  • Multiple clients per sale
  • User content for social networks: photo and greeting
  • Best interface

What is it for?

It is always more pleasant to gift a more valuable gift. Using this tool, a few friends or colleagues are able to send their friend a gift, that everyone wants to be a part of. 
At the same time, the link used to join the gift can always be left public and new participants are able to pitch in at any time. 
You can ask every newly joined to leave a greeting and attach a photo, which creates a unique user content for your social networks and gift participants posts.

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Value in numbers

How does it work?

    1. The gift organizer creates a group gift page, with target gift certificate amount.

      Example Gift organizer pages.

    2. Link to the gift participant page is sent to friend over social networks, SMS or email. On this page friends are able to pitchin towards the target amount, as well as enter a greeting and attach a photo.

      Example Gift participant page.

    3. When the target amount is collected, the gift organaizer is able to send the gift link over email, SMS or social networks.

      Example Gift recipient page.

How to use this?

  1. For an increase in order frequency.

    You can initiate the gift yourself - send a loyal customer $25 gift certificate for their birthday. 
    Along with your gift, send your client a link, which they can post on their social networks, and have their friends pitch in for a gift. Receive funds from your customer's friends and increase their loyalty. 
    If you want to minimize the risk, add conditions - e.g. your $25 gift becomes active after the $200 mark is reached.

  2. For SMM-strategy. 

    Use group gift as a tool - create a contest, where the users will create a pot for a grand prize. Such approach will increase the frequency of your company and product mention on social media.

  3. To widen your target audience.

    Now your products and services can be purchased by users for whom it was not available before. Plus, most friends want to be a part of a more expensive gift.

  4. For your brand's social image.

    Use group gift as a croud funding tool for sponsorship and/or charitable work of your company.

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    • Мы скоро свяжемся с вами.

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Why choose us

Smart viewing setup! Показы нужным людям в нужный момент


    • How do I get the money for the gift card sales online?

      If your company already has the ability to redeem plastic cards and e-cash online, we’ll setup your online acquisition system and you’ll receive the money directly into your bank account. If such connection is not part of your plans, BitRewards has its own online acquisition and your customers are able to make bank card / e-cash payments right away. Customer’s money is received onto BitRewards account and we will regularly wire your remittance, as per our agreement (request agreement template).

    • If the target amount is not reached, what happens to the funds? Do they need to be returned to the participants?

      Not necessarily. If the target amount is not reached, you issued the gift card for the collected amount. For example, if the target was $200, but only $150 was collected, on the specified date, a gift card in the amount of $150 will be sent to the recepient. The gift organizer always has an option to cover the shortage - which is a typical solution, and/or send the card to the recepient at any time during the process, with whatever value reached.

    • What is the customization capability?

      BitRewards is extremely flexible :)

      We are able to quickly and easily change the logic behind discount offers and showings, as well as the look of gift and promo cards and all support elements.

      Our solutions are installed on the websites of very attentive and picky with design clients and appear as an organic part of their website.