Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a digital gift or promo card and how is it different from the plastic gift cards?

      We doubt that there’s anybody who does not know what the gift card is! It is a certificate for a certain amount which one can purchase in the merchant’s store, and then can give it to his friend, and the friend subsequently can redeem the certificate with the issuing merchant for the goods or services.

      In essence the main difference of the digital gift card from the plastic one is in the format of the issuance, from where its specific features follow: i.e. the ability to send it remotely, and the instant delivery to the recipient as a digital message by the email, over SMS or social networks. The digital gift card, most often, can be used in the online store of the issuing company, but there's also a possibility to redeem it in the physical stores.

    • How does BitRewards work?

      Leading your customers down the funnel from awareness to conversion can make for a winding and treacherous road.

      BitRewards it is a service of digital gift cards for the business which solve 3 main goals: acquire new users, warm up and convert the current ones, and produce more sales with higher average order amount.

      With a broad array of different tools, BitRewards is an umbrella for the apps and widgets that are very easily installed or your website and your social pages, like Facebook.

      The gift cards can be paid: you're just receiving the money when you sell them. And they can be free: essentially it is like the digital coupon or a promo code which is designed in such an attractive way.

      You can create an unlimited number of the gift cards types, which you will then add to your widgets. The widgets can appear whenever you think it's appropriate: on the home page, on the separate pages of your website, on a check-out page, in the accounts of your visitors or on single items page.

    • Why would our customers want to buy gift cards?

      The process of selection, purchase and delivery of the gifts in the big city is not always a lot of fun. BitRewards solutions are designed to enable users to quickly congratulate their friends, diversify and color up their communication in the social networks and send the gifts saving time and money and sometimes even doing that for free.

      BitRewards is for those who:

      • has failed to buy the present on time or is very busy
      • cannot see the person who she wants to congratulate
      • is an active user of social networks and will highly value a social publicity of the gift
      • wants to send a gift to a big number of friends
      • got interested in the discount which you offered
      • wants many different friends to chip in for one single expensive gift

      With BitRewards your users can send a gift card which will be delivered to their friends instantly or on a certain time and date and the recipient will have the flexibility to redeem the gift card for any item of the issuing merchant at his own discretion.

    • Is BitRewards analytical data accessible in online mode?

      Yes! Every action of your customers right away is reflected in your dashboard of BitRewards account and you can upload this data into your CRM system in many different formats.

    • Does BitRewards work for online commerce only?

      No! BitRewards is a perfect tool to attract online target audience both into online shops and into the brick-and-mortar points of sales. If your business has only physical stores, but at the same time you develop your social networks’ presence and online store, you can quite easily start offering your promo codes and gift cards which will help monetize the actions of your users, and attract new leads.

    • How does the delivery of the gift cards occur?

      The recipient will get a link and/or a digital code via Facebook, SMS, email or through other digital channels. In case of the paid card the link is sent via private sources, and the recipient gets it only after identification.

      The link will lead to your website and contain the secret code and instruction how to apply it, in case of online redemption (see Example).

      In case of offline redemption, the client will have to present his digital code or QR code on the screen of his mobile phone, or print out of gift certificate in your store. These rules are set out by you.

      In case of free promo codes the delivery method can be restricted to social networks delivery option only, you might want to do that, because that will bring you much more social publicity.

    • How do the customers redeem their digital gift cards or promo codes?

      When you set up your cards you must define how your clients will be able to use them. Every gift card has its unique secret code, which can also be encoded into the QR- or bar-code. BitRewards provides you with all the necessary tools for secure acceptance of the digital cards that the clients of your store, or you have sent.

      Redemption in online stores:

      In vast majority of the cases the client who has a gift card or a promo code will just tap the link in his message or a button in his letter, and this will redirect him to your site. This will also open the secret code of the card and instructions of the redemption options, because they can differ depending on the technical system, campaign details, and your preferences. In most cases, the user’s secret code will automatically reflect in the “promo code” field at the checkout. In other cases, mainly for free promo codes, the user can be asked to enter the number in comments to the order, or to tell it in order confirmation call.

      If the client came to your site manually, he or she will just fill in the secret code at the appropriate place, and the card’s amount will be subtracted from the order amount.

      Redemption in brick-and-mortar stores:

      In case you have physical points of sale and want to enable your customers to redeem their cards there, you need to set out the rules for the customers and train your staff.

      The clients can have the options: to show the secret code on the screen of their mobile phone (as digits, QR, or barcode), have a print out of the gift certificate, or dictate the code to the manager at the cash desk (from SMS or email).

      To securely redeem the cards, you need to make sure that your system is integrated with BitRewards and the codes are validated in online mode. We are taking care about it, providing you with the “Partner’s” mobile apps, and assisting in integration of your system with ours.

      In case your system does not have continual internet connection, we can offer other secure ways to handle the redemption.

      In case it is necessary to enter the secret codes of the gift cards directly into your point-of-sale system you need to conduct the integration of the BitRewards system with your IT system or develop the rules and instruct your stuff how to redeem the gift card for your company. In order to provide for maximum security*, the validation of the card at redemption should occur in online mode.

    • How to integrate BitRewards in brick-and-mortar stores?

      In case you have physical points of sale and want to enable your customers to redeem their cards there, you need to set out the rules for the customers and train your staff.

      The clients can have the options: to show the secret code on the screen of their mobile phone (as digits, QR, or barcode), have a print out of the gift certificate, or dictate the code to the manager at the cash desk (from SMS or email).

      To securely redeem the cards, you need to make sure that your system is integrated with BitRewards and the codes are validated in online mode. We are taking care about it, providing you with the “Partner’s” mobile apps, and assisting in integration of your system with ours.

      In case your system does not have continual internet connection, we can offer other secure ways to handle the redemption.

      In case it is necessary to enter the secret codes of the gift cards directly into your point-of-sale system you need to conduct the integration of the BitRewards system with your IT system or develop the rules and instruct your stuff how to redeem the gift card for your company. In order to provide for maximum security*, the validation of the card at redemption should occur in online mode.

    • What do I do with my current physical gift cards program?

      BitRewards beautifully fits and can serve as an addition to your current program of physical gift cards, and it can also positively influence their sales. If you have current or you plan to launch the program of physical gift cards soon, we would ask you to forward the information about its basic parameters, so that we could replicate your physical gift cards in the digital format, use your documentation, method of integration and other details of such program to give boost to its sales and organic reach.

    • Why do I need to set up promo codes?

      You want to reward the visitor of your site, in order to motivate him or her to make valuable actions. Setting up of promo code allows you to define such incentive. This process usually takes just a few minutes, but it opens up a lot of cool features of your BitRewards tools.

    • Who is BitRewards designed for?

      Best for:

      1- Start-up or small online store

      2- Medium business or online store with the stable flow of orders,or large shop, testing different tools

      3- Agencies, working with large clients, bif online businesses

    • Can I include the links on my gift cards into the messages in social networks, partner websites and the context banner ads?

      Of course! In your BitRewards account in the “Cards” menu section you will find links and visuals, that you can paste into your social posts, advertising or partner programs. Each type of card or a campaign will have a separate link for your convenience, and you will be able to attach UTM-marks to these links to track and compare the performance.

    • The clients can send gift certificates only to the other clients who have BitRewards app?

      No! The BitRewards module or app should be installed only on your website or Facebook to enable your visitor to send the cards. The recipient does not need any specific apps installed, and will receive a link as a Facebook personal message, in email or SMS. The link redirects to his gift or promo card.

    • If we don't yet have the service of gift cards in our store, can we launch the project of digital gift cards in social networks and on our website?

      Yes, of course! BitRewards is designed for that! It can be integrated into your current gift cards program, or it can be run independently for distribution online and redemption on your website and brick-and-mortar stores.

    • Do you have any statistics about the performance of your service?

      Sure! But it highly depends on the specifics of your business, the goals that you try to achieve with the BitRewards services and offer details. In general we know that no less than 10% from all the purchases on average are made to gift. The conversion into the purchase with BitRewards promo cards and widgets increase from 20% to 200% The growth of the average order amount with BitRewards promo certificates can be expected to come to more than 20%.

    • How flexibly can we change the settings of the gift card?

      Our system’s major power is in its flexibility. You can create unlimited number of types of the card with different parameters: e.g. paid or free card, the paid card’s amount can be fixed or variable, you can alter the logic behind the promo code offers depending on the amount of order, traffic channel, user’s soc-dem, etc. You can also change conditions for redemption of the gift or promo cards. You can create points of sales, where the cards can be redeemed both physically and online, as well as the employees authorized to redeem the cards. The process is very easy and intuitive and we are proud of our state-of-the-art support team. We will help you with our designers and content managers, should you require their assistance.

    • How do I integrate BitRewards, if you don't have my module for my Content Management System?

      No problem! If your online store supports the system of promo codes, please go to the Wizard in your account, and use the express integration of BitRewards. In this way, you won’t need any programmer’s work.

      If you don't have promo codes in your Content Management System, please look at the scheme of integration through BitRewards API. In this case you will require some professional programmer’s help.

    • I haven't found the answer to my question! What do I do?

      Please write to us at, and our dedicated support team will try and do their best to handle your issue in the best and quickest way possible!

      Our clients love our support, and we are proud of that!

    • How do I receive the proceeds from the sales of my digital gift cards?

      If your company is using online acquiring and you can accept digital money or bank cards, then we will connect your acquirer with our system, and you will receive your money directly to your bank account.

      We can also recommend you one of the services that we like, although the choice is always yours.

    • How does the sales channel work in the social networks and on our website?

      Your clients will be able to buy your gift cards from the app on your Facebook page and on your website and send them to their friends.

      You can also set up multiple discounts on your gift cards regulating their attractiveness or remove them at any time, as well as reward your most active clients and influencers with personal gift cards, that you can easily send from your BitRewards dashboard.

    • Promo codes are given for free? I don’t want to give away millions of dollars in promotions!

      Fair enough! And BitRewards is designed to drive your leads saving your money.   If you issued 100 000 promo codes $10 each — that doesn't mean that you gave away 1 million dollars from your business. To the contrary, $10 is essentially a discount which your client will obtain only if he finished the purchase with the order amount, that is typically higher, than your average. The free cards will mean for you a tool for lead generation. Marketers in the social networks are trying hard to make the commercial messages of brands to look like the informational or personal and private messages of their customers. Sending a promo card to his friends the user personally endorses your business and delivers the marketing message about your company, which implies recommendation and is perceived much more positively, than an advertising from any other professional or marketing sources.

      On top of that the delivery of the promo card occurs as a post in the social network's news feed of the sender and the recipient. That's why a lot of their friends (each one on average has 120 Facebook friends) will also be able to see your branded message. If you calculate your cost per client acquisition you always understand how much you can afford spending for one person to make his average purchase. As soon as your promo card is below that amount, it saves you money and, at the same time, promotes your brand online.

    • What are the principles of your price policy?

      We assume, that you need to make much more money, using BitRewards, than you pay for our services. The prices are stipulated by the approximate number of users, interacting with BitRewards tools, which we can preliminary calculate basing on your current traffic amount. The sales volumes with the help of our service depend on the size and specifics of your business, details of the offer and settings of BitRewards tools, which you chose to use.

    • Can I cancel my subscription, or change the price plan?

      Sure - no problem! You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can also upgrade or downgrade your price plan without any limits.

    • How do I efficiently use BitRewards?

      We tried hard so that BitRewards is quick and easy for you.

      We will need from you the minimum amount of effort for launch, and then the work starts on our end. By default we will conduct the monitoring of the useful actions from your users on your website and social networks. The success of the business depends the constant development of relationship with a client and BitRewards is an excellent tool to use in your marketing strategy.

      What you can also do to increase the efficiency of BitRewards  is:

      1- Send the gift cards to your favourite and valuable clients: a gift card inserted into an email raises the conversion of the email by the factor of 10.

      You can also use BitRewards for your email marketing including the link on your promo gift card, increasing the probability of the desired action of your clients.

      2- Promote.

      Use the launch of your gift cards campaign as an informational reason! Make posts in your blog, Facebook, and announce it through all the other channels you use to connect with your audience.

      The fact that you started using digital gift cards means your farsightedness and progress. Do you have early adopters and fans of new features among your followers? Reach out directly to them about your BitRewards innovations and reward with a personal promo card. They will love your new gifting functionality and rewards!

      Mention the possibility to send digital gift cards in your Facebook post with every convenient occasion. This will help you achieve organic growth of the traffic of your page and make additional sales of your gift cards.

      Take the initiative to pay special attention to the influences of your social networks. You might want to congratulate them with their birthdays, gender and national holidays with a gift card. Sending it for a good reason will be greatly welcomed and commented which will help increase the organic reach on top of the fact, that such a gift will remain in the news feeds of the user forever, providing a small, but long lasting investment to your brand building.

      3- Play by the rules.

      If you have announced the promo program's rules, be fair and do not attach hidden conditions and strings to avoid the negative feedback. Announcing attractive conditions but not keeping the word is worse than doing nothing. In the eyes of your audience the long term reputation is much more valuable, than local hype.

      4- Be creative.

      From the very beginning BitRewards was designed as an umbrella of creative instruments so that you can invent different gift cards, rewards, loyalty programs include promo cards into different below-the-line advertising campaigns and offers. E.g. arrange interactive contests with the rewards for references as a central part of it. The bigger gift card as the main prize can go to the user who sent promo gift cards to the maximum number of his friends, the second prize — to the 5 users with the biggest number of the last 3 digits in their card’s secret code of the gift card. Such game of chances are a lot of fun and take part in and interesting to follow. You will introduce your gift and promo cards, teach your users the new features, and receive some loyalty to your brand.

    • Is it hard to start?

      Not at all!

      To start using BitRewards widgets you need to set up your gift cards and widgets settings completing 4 easy steps in the Wizard after the sign up.

      All it takes to integrate - is install BitRewards module or extension for your site’s Content Management System (we have them for the most popular), or add several lines of code to the HTML of your website (in latter case you will need to switch promo codes on in your CMS). You will get done in approximately 10 minutes, and start using the cards for your business same day.

    • Will BitRewards tools affect the speed of my web site loading?

      BitRewards widgets and JavaScript of your website are working in parallel. BitRewards doesn't influence the loading of your website neither on desktops nor on mobile.

    • Why do we need to use BitRewards it if we can develop our own solution?

      It’s strange, but we have been asked this questions quite a few times.

      We think that the development of your own solution for gift card, referral program and promo codes marketing is an extremely interesting task, if you've got the time and money, but to keep running and constantly update such a complex service is not a very pleasant affair, if it’s not your core business.

      If you can find a specially designed solution, like BitRewards, it will save you a lot of sweat and blood.

      If you still decided that you need to develop such a solution on your own, we wish you best of luck, and here are the few practical advices from us:

      1- The gift cards templates must be editable practically on the go, so that in a matter of seconds your users will be able to change creative, amount of the offer and pick a delivery method.

      2- The gift cards must start from the minimum values, and the sender of the card must have the ability to set up any amount of the gift card and personalize his gift. The more there are personalization options — the better.

      3- Select the statistics in online mode and do the A/B testing of all designs, texts and flexible elements, so that you can increase the efficiency. The conversion can differ greatly, even when changing very small things.

      4- Your solutions should be available in all online ecosystems: on your website, in social networks and, particularly, in mobile.

      5- It’s a cliche, but an absolutely omnipresent problem: your user experience must be excellent. The seemingly simple process in reality requires a lot of thought process: the sender of the gift card should complete his task in the minimum number of clicks and the receiver needs to understand absolutely clearly what he or she has received and what to do with it.

      If there’s no strong UX engineer on your team there's, hire a good freelance designer of user interfaces— this will be your best investment.

      6- Find the influencers and brand advocates — the most valuable people who's going to bring the maximum number of new clients for you. Devise an outstanding motivation for them, reward them generously for performance, and have the tools in your gift cards program to implement this.

      7-  Pay special attention to security. Track and block all the possible abuses of your system. Don’t forget, that your gift cards and rewards, are literally your brand’s cash. Your service must be strongly protected from hacking and from freeloaders.

    • Why do I need paid gift cards?

      With BitRewards you will receive the powerful umbrella of tools for creation of various types of gift and promo cards, which will be suitable for very different goals your business faces every day.

      A gift card can have a fixed amount, for instance, $20, $50 or $100. The amounts can also be variable: you can have the minimum and maximum amount for example from $10 to $500 and your clients will be able on their own to set up the necessary amount of their gift.

      The paid gift card can also have a “Chip-in” feature switched on. Chip-in cards allow the invited (or all) friends of the initiator club together and pool one card with bigger amount (for example, 10 friends will chip in $20, and will send $200 card to their friend).  

    • Why do I need free (promo) cards?

      The free gift cards or promotional cards have conditions attached to their receipt or redemption, such as the request of putting the like to your social page, sending referral to the friends of the user, or sending out the a promo card or a discount to the friends. These types of cards are designed to reward your users for the actions, valuable for your business, and the conditions are protecting your margin and make sure that you don’t give away more than you have to. They also allow to achieve the increase of your average order amount by setting the threshold of the minimum order amount with which the discount or the promotional gift card is becoming active. It means that the user can not redeem the discount until his order amount reached a certain level. For example a client will get a $10 discount which becomes legit only if the purchase is higher than $150. In this case you can issue as many promotional gift cards as you want, and your margin and your profits will not suffer.

    • How does the user acquisition and referral company work?

      Your goal is to attract a new clientele with the help of your current customers. The beauty of references from your customers to their friends is that their friends statistically are very similar to these current customers. So you are automatically tapping into the look-alike audience. This efficient scenario is applied by the grand names of growth marketing like Uber or Dropbox, and now you can start using it too!

      You reward your clients for inviting their friends into your business.

      The typical scenario:

      For the post to the social network (or personal message in email or SMS), your clients receive from you a free gift card, promotional codes or discounts, which can be redeemed for a purchase which exceeds a certain threshold (for example as a gift card for $15 can be used only with the order which is more than $150). The promotional post will also contain a gift card or promo code, so that the new clients would also be motivated to visit your store.

      The referring client will get his reward for sending out the invites, and you can also offer additional bonus for the first (or every) purchase of his friends (those who came to your shop using his unique link).

      You may choose different combinations of what rewards to choose for what reference actions, like making a reference, inviting a friend, friend’s purchase, friend’s invite, etc.

    • Can the links, generated by BitRewards platform damage my position in Google search engine?

      Absolutely not! BitRewards uses HTTP 301 redirect, which doesn't have negative impact on the search engines. 301 redirect, for example, is used by the services for short links creation.

    • How can I make sure that all the gift cards operations will be secure and that I don't lose any money?

      BitRewards digital gift cards are absolutely secure. We pay special attention to security and put a lot of effort into quality of processing of our operations, so that the protection of your digital gift cards would be at the same level or higher than that with the operations of the physical gift cards. Every gift card in the moment of its issuance receives the new ID. The Redemption of digital cards is carried out in online mode, for which we developed the mechanisms of deep integration. In this way we're ruling out the ability of unauthorized or fraudulent redemption or spending of money from the gift card, as well as the repeated redemption of the amount which has already being used. You receive the entire data set about every transaction in an online mode. You can also set up and receive special notifications from the higher amount transactions. The BitRewards protocols are developed on the same technology of encoding, which is used by the bank and financial institutions. Bank cards and other payment means for transactions of payments for cards are redirected to the secure payment gateways, and we do not store the payment information about clients’ credit cards

      Upon the cards redemption during the validation of the cards, the system registers and stores the following details of the transaction: user's profile, timestamp, geo tag, name of the Cash Desk Manager (if the redemption occurred in the brick-and-mortar store), the amount of the transaction and the amount used for payment from your gift card. For you this means, that the clients will be satisfied by your service, you will make money, and the gifts and promo cards, that your client will receive from you, will be paid for.