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    With BitRewards your website gets smarter and converts better.

    Before, the features provided by default in BitRewards were affordable only to the big companies with internal IT departments, that spent millions on R&D.

    Today you don't need to develop outside of your core focus area! Integrate the best fitting solutions and innovate by trying and measuring the effects from the new solutions. 

    Alexander Egorov, CEO
    E-commerce sales come to no more than 10% of overall market - it's definitely gonna grow! 
    Will there be enough market for everybody or will every niche be occupied by 2-3 winners? The time will tell. 
    What we know for sure is the better you are equipped, the better the results you achieve. 
    Our team
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    Tech should hack your complexity, not hike it!

    We know from experience that nowadays you can’t just give a new tool to a client and teach them how to use it. It’s a hard sell. 
    The client needs the stuff that delivers without their constant awareness of it. We’ve built BitRewards so that it autopilots right after the setup. Clients are getting their reports and focus on the bottom line, not the code.

    Alexander Nevidimov, CTO
    BitRewards is a concentration of knowledge of global motivational tactics for e-commerce and analysis of basic principles of online user behavior.
    Our team
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    There are tons of decent ideas that are good for online retailers, but the execution often fails the good intentions!

    In everything on the web the visual component is the crucial thing for perception. 
    Alien elements can ruin any harmonious structure. My goal is to keep the originally intended purpose of our tools and make them look perfect. 
    I’m making sure BitRewards fits organically as an integral part of our clients’ online stores and webpages.

    Sergey Alisov, Head of Design
    We put disproportionate amount of time and energy into design - your BitRewards tools are not only sophisticated in UI and UX, but also look great!  
    Our team
  • Our team

    Putting out a product is not yet success. Making it popular is!

    We are constantly working towards improvement of algorithms of user activity analysis, change design, boost productivity of the platform with new features and services. 
    All in pursuit of one goal - if you started working with BitRewards once, you want to use it forever!

    Marat Arslanov, CMO
    Our "crystal ball" is telling us the future with enough precision, for us to continuously tune-up our products, so that they are the best in motivational online marketing.
    Our team

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